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Catch a Wave — June 22, 2017

Catch a Wave

Last night had a major thunder storm here.

Reminded me how rough and beautiful the sea can be. Result =

…  “Catch a Wave” (16″x20″ watercolour) painted in the calm and  sunlight of this morning. Enjoy.

Test hanging? — June 20, 2017

Test hanging?

To balance some of the international horrors of the last month I have worked on 3 diffetent themes for the past week. 

Seeing them in a ‘setting’ was suggested (thanks P) and so this is how they look hung.

Do you think I should keep the blue surround in future posts? Other comments, shares and suggestions are all welcome ….

Still time … — June 18, 2017
Bucks Open Studios 2017…. coming soon — May 20, 2017
Another view — April 13, 2017

Another view

With friends, Anne & Greta, this morning was spend interpreting last week pointallist approach. 

My version is seeing the view from farther away and has introduced a neighbouring cottage plus a gurgelling rocky stream in the forground that wends it’s way through the picture towards distant hills. The sky with its vivid ‘ half and half’ captured the weather front that passed overhead as we painted. 

I hope you enjoy this viewing.

‘Neighbours’ a watercolour / size 28x37cm (11 x 15in) when unframed.
Experiment — March 30, 2017
“Over the moon!” — March 27, 2017

“Over the moon!”

Just had fabulous​ feedback from a very satisfied customer about 2 new pieces of work he now owns. He said he was ” Over the moon …” with them.

They are each 24″sq x 2″ deep (when unframed) and completed in oil on an acrylic base supported by high quality 3gesso coated cotton canvas

I am delighted they have found a good home being hung in this modern Thameside London apartment setting.

A new dawn! — March 23, 2017

A new dawn!

I’m really excited to be starting a new blog and my ‘getting out there’ campaign.  Articles will be focusing on my art work and related stories.

You can expect to see new paintings regularly.

You will have the opportunity to influence me by responding to posts.

I hope you enjoy the experience.

Eileen Neligan

IMG_20161206_190419_605  Dinquin Boats